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College of Arts and Letters

Institute for Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding

Courses: Spring 2014

ENGL 760/860: Classical Rhetoric and Theory Building, David D. Metzger

ENGL 418/518: Jewish Women Writers, Farideh Goldin

ENGL 495/595: Contemporary Israeli Writers, Study Abroad Israel, Farideh Goldin (Summer)

HEBR 212: Intermediate Hebrew, Idit Benmore-Piltch

HIST 393: Vichy & The French Holocaust, Stephanie A. Finely Croswhite

HIST 396: Religious Factor in American History, Michael Panitz

HIST 396: Holocaust and Memory, Brett M. Bebber

HIST 420/660: Fascism in Europe, Maura E. Hametz

HIST 495/595: Holocaust and Film, Stephanie A. Finely-Croswhite

HIST 396: Paris/Auschwitz: Study Abroad, Stephanie A. Finely-Croswhite

REL 350: Judaism, Rabbi Michael Panitz

REL 396: Science & Religion, Michael Panitz


Past Courses